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(AAAPTMD is a premiere BCBS physical therapy clinic / practice in Columbia, Howard County, MD)

Are you looking for one of the best orthopedic, sport, and geriatric rehabilitation therapists / pain management therapists / physical therapy providers in Columbia or nearby places such as Ellicott City, Elkridge, Savage, Laurel, Jessup, Scagsville, Highland and other cities such as Catonsville in Baltimore County and Hanover in Anne Arundel County that accepts CareFirst-BCBS Health Insurance?

If YES, please read below for more information to see what your CareFirst-BCBS Insurance plan can do for you and your loved ones in receiving personalized physiotherapy treatment for your pain, injury, pre-surgery, post-surgery; and other orthopedic, sport, and geriatric cases!


AAA Physical Therapy (considered one of the best physical therapy clinics in Columbia, MD) is a CareFirst-BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) provider!

You may locate AAA Physical Therapy (Nina Criselda Evangelista, PT, CEEAA) as a BCBS Provider by logging into their website!

Neck Pain / Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation

BCBS has a multitude of articles and this is one example of discussing Neck Pain and how PT or physiotherapy could assist in rehabilitating and having pain relief on the neck area.

23 Online Resources for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Aside from American Physical Therapy Association, there are other links here that are provided in relation to pain, surgery, and rehabilitation or PT for treatment.

Wellness Discount

If you are a CareFirst subscriber, learn more about getting a discount through healthy measures and prevention.

Survey on Response to Stress

CareFirst has multiple surveys and if you want to know how stress is impacting your health, feel free to answer this stress response questionnaire!

Pain and Physical Therapy Treatment

Blue Cross Blue Shield identified how a pain management therapist could assist you in treating and managing your pain! Feel free to know more about different types of pain, causes of pain, and rehabilitation program! Also, you may answer about the pain quiz to know more about your discomfort!


Health, Wellness, and PT-Related Podcasts

Just like AAA Physical Therapy's podcasts on Collaboration Health and Wellness Mindset (video link), CareFirst provides a wealth of information about Neurology, Injuries and Surgeries (Rotator Cuff Repair, Hip Replacement Surgery, and Knee Replacement Surgery), and other Cardiovascular Programs!


Animations on Pain Management of the General Body and Other Body Parts (Arm and Elbow, Hip, Leg, and Knee, Shoulder, and etc.)

If you are a visual person, there are many animations on pain management such as triceps tendonitis, overuse injuries of the elbow, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, myofascial release, overview of physical therapy, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis of the hand, kyphosis, spinal stenosis, meniscus tear, patellar tendinitis, osteoarthritis of the shoulder, and much more!